Top Greek Wines and How to Pronounce Them

Top Greek Wines: How to Pronounce Them

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How do you pronounce Greek wines?

Wine pronunciation can be intimidating. Here at DiVino we are here to make every step of the wine experience easier. That means everything from wine education to wine tasting videos online! Keep reading to learn more about the top Greek wines and the grapes they are made from. Most of all, how to pronounce Greek wines, at a restaurant or a wine shop.

What are the Best Greek Wines?

Best is a matter of taste. There are certainly famous Greek wines, like Santorini and Retsina, but there are plenty of Greek wines to discover. This means starting with the most popular wine Grapes. In this video, we teach you how to pronounce 12 of the most common Greek wine grapes. This is a great place to start learning.

Greek White Wine Grapes

Assyrtiko – Ασύρτικο


The primary grape in Greece’s most famous white wine, Santorini. Named for the island where it was born. Assyrtiko is known for its incredible acidity which allows the wine to age for years, even decades, and stay bone dry, fresh, and mouthwatering. Find one online.

Malagousia –  Μαλαγουζιά


This grape was almost extinct, until a winemaker just south of Thessaloniki began to experiment with it. Now it grows throughout north and central Greece and produces medium-body wines with sumptuous aromas of exotic fruit, citrus, jasmine, mint and melon. Find one online.

Monemvasià – Μονεμβασιά 


Not to be confused with Malvasia, Monemvasia makes high alcohol (think: big aromas) and low acid (think: easy to drink). It originated on the Peloponnese but grows mainly on Paros island. It is often sun-dried and blended with Malvasia to make rich dessert wines with notes of honey, dried fruit, and exotic spices.

MoschofÌlero – Μοσχοφίλερο


The queen of the Peloponnese, Moschofìlero is pink-skinned, which means it makes white, rosé, and even red wines. Opulent and aromatic, Moschofilero makes delightful dry wines too, with notes of tangerine zest, lemon blossom, rose petals, and tropical fruit and flowers. Due to its smooth palate and sumptuous aromas, it also pairs great with Greek food! Find one online.

Robòla – Ρομπόλα


This grape grows mainly on the island of Kefalonia and has luscious notes of citrus and stone fruit, like lemon and peach. If you like a long smoky mineral finish, Robòla is your guy. Find one online.

Rodìtis – Ροδίτης


Another pink-skinned grape variety, Rodìtis is versatile and delicious. It grows throughout Greece and produces lively and dry white and rosé wines. It also makes fantastic extended skin-contact wines, AKA, orange wine. Browse Roditis online.

Savatianò –  Σαββατιανό


One of the most widely planted grapes in Greece, Savatianò shows up in blends to bring fruit and flower aromas and to balance acidity. On its own it can produce very easy to drink wines or, with a little love in the winery, loads of big juicy tropical fruit notes. Find a Savatiano online.

Vidianò – Βιδιανό


Another ancient grape from the Island of Crete, Vidianò can produce a tropical fruit salad on the nose with notes of lime, mango, and white peach. Find Vidiano online.

Greek Red Wine Grapes

Agiorgitìko – Αγιωργίτικο 


If Moschofilero is the queen of the Peloponnese, Agiorgitiko is the king. This grape grows in the mountainous north region of Nemea and produces everything from easy-drinking wines to big, bold and ageable reds with mature red fruit and spice notes, and round and juicy tannins. Find one online.

Limniò – Λημνιό


This grape takes its name from the Island of Lemnos where it was born. Limnio is so ancient, Even Aristotle and Homer wrote about it. It grows throughout North Greece and produces charming notes of fresh herbs and red berries.  Browse Limnio online.

Mavrodaphne – Μαυροδάφνη


This wine’s name means black laurel. Black meaning red in wine language, and laurel for the piquant green herb you may know as bay leaf. This wine is famous for complex dessert wines, but also produces fantastic dry versions with a full range of fruit and spice notes. Browse Mavrodaphne online.

Xinomavro  – Ξινόμαυρο


This variety grows in the North, Macedonia. Probably one of the most precious red wine grapes in Greece right now. People are comparing Xinomavro to Italy’s famous Nebbiolo. In part for its transparent color but also its acidity: the name literally means black acid. Xinomavro has exciting herbaceous aromas of tomato vine and olives, but as it ages it ripens into lovely red berries and jam. Find one online.

All About Greek Wine (FAQ)

What is Assyrtiko Wine

DiVino may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

What is Santorini Wine

Santorini, or PDO Santorini, is a dry white Greek wine made from at least 85% Assyrtiko. Athiri and Aidani are the other varietals allowed.

What does Santorini Wine Taste Like

Santorini comes from an volcanic island with a lot of wind and sun. The wines have a great acidity (freshness), and a long mineral finish. You might smell aromas of citrus and Mediterrean herbs, and sea salt.

Best Greek Red Wines to Drink Now

Best is a matter of personal taste. The most popular Greek red wines right now include: Agiorgitiko, Naoussa, Mavrodafne, and Limnio. You can learn about them in this article, this video, and on the Wines of Greece official site.

WHERe to Buy Santorini Wine has a fantastic selection of Santorini and all kinds of Greek wines, including Agiorgitiko and Moschofilero.

BEST greek wineries to Visit?

  • Manousakis Winery: Located in Crete, famous for local, indigenous varietals and organic farming.
  • Domaine Skouras: Located Nemea, famous for Agiorgitiko, Agiorgitiko red blends, and very special rosé. A historic Greek winery!
  • Semeli Estate: Expansive Greek winery located in Nemea. Traditional indigenous red, white and rosé wines.
  • Gavalas Winery: Located on Santorini. Famous for PDO Santorini and more.
  • Art Space Winery: Located on Santorini. Unique space carved into volcanic stone. Beautiful wines plus an art gallery
  • Argatia: Located in North Greece, a great place to taste PDO Naoussa made from Xinomavro
  • Roxana Matsa: Located just outside of Athens, this is a perfect day trip with an enterprising and enthusiastic woman winemaker

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