Issa Rae Made a Prosecco and We Tried it

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We here at DiVino (which means me) love Issa Rae. So when we heard that she was launching a wine, a Prosecco nonetheless, we grabbed a bottle immediately. Get yours and taste along with us! 

Watch our Viarae wine tasting video.

Issa Rae Loves Prosecco on and offscreen

Issa fell in love with Prosecco while shooting Insecure. According this interview, she was first introduced to the Italian sparkling wine by a director of the show, Melina Matsoukas, who ordered a glass before dinner. In fact, prosecco is notoriously an aperitivo (aperitif), meant to stimulate the appetite.

Learn more about the history and tradition of the aperitivo.

Prosecco: A Sparkling Star of the Show

After that Issa was hooked. Fans of Insecure will recall that Prosecco made a frequent appearance on the show. In her Wine Down series she chats with the show’s stars and members of the production team for an inside look at the making of the show – always with Prosecco in hand.

Where is Viarae Prosecco Made? 

Viarae is a Prosecco DOC, which means it must be grown and produced within a specific area of northeastern Italy, specifically in the regions of Veneto and Friuli-Venezia-Giulia. 

To keep costs down and quality  consistent, Rae partnered with La Marca Cooperative. 

Wine-growing cooperatives are a centuries-old tradition throughout Europe. They allow small farmers to participate in the global market while keeping their family businesses open. 

What does Viarae Prosecco Taste Like?

So, what does Viarae taste like? 

From the Viarae website: Viarae Prosecco is an expressive, aromatic and refreshingly crisp take on Prosecco. Viarae offers aromas of honeysuckle blossoms, apricot and fresh-cut citrus. The lively, effervescent palate adds notes of ripe peach and green apple, supported by hints of minerality. A whisper of sweetness on the finish adds a bold, refreshing splash to this classic Prosecco. 

An Italian Sommelier Tastes Viarae Prosecco

Viarae is about as classic as you can get. Nothing mind-blowing here, but that’s exactly the point. This Prosecco, when served super-chilled is reminiscent of the first Prosecco I ever had when I moved to Italy twenty years ago.

It’s a classic pale straw yellow. Medium effervescence. Distinctive notes of green apple, pear, a touch of brioche, and citrus. A little sweet white flower too.

At 13 grams/liter of residual sugar, Viarae is a shade sweeter than the classic brut style, that means more fruit and floral aromas. It also means a slightly smoother palate, and an absolutely versatile pairing wine.

Learn more about sugar and labels in Prosecco [ link].

How to Pair Prosecco with Food 

That touch of sugar really hits the spot with salty snacks, like popcorn, olives, potato chips, and peanuts – the quintessential aperitivo snacks. 

It also balances out fiery flavors of Southeast Asian cuisines. Turn up the heat on that curry and pour an ice-cold glass of this Prosecco for a perfect pairing.

Learn more about ideal serving temperature for sparkling wine.

Celebrity Wines to Try

Issa Rae is not the first and will certainly not be the last VIP to jump on the private label wine bandwagon. Several of them are worth a try. 

Cameron Diaz introduced Avaline a few years ago, with a white blend, a red blend, and a rosé.

Francis Ford Coppola Diamond Collection Prosecco Rosé is elegant and crisp.

Kylie Minogue Prosecco Rosé is absolutely fun.

Check out the full Viarae story here.

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