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Wine School Series “21 Days to Wine” Premieres this November!

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DiVino has been hard at work all year to bring you our very first, professionally shot and edited DiVino Wine School series, 21 Days to Wine, scheduled for release on YouTube November 14th, 2019. New episodes will air every Thursday for 21 consecutive weeks and are completely free to watch.

A Free, 21-Episode Introduction to Winetasting

The series is an introduction to the principles and terminology of multi-sensory wine analysis, or wine tasting. Each episode is a designed as an interactive masterclass, and participants are encouraged to taste wine while watching and share their questions, impressions, and stories. Episodes are 5-8 minutes in length, and cover a range of topics, comprising the visual, olfactory, and gustatory analysis of wine.

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Wine Education with a Certified Sommelier

The course material draws on elements of DiVino Founder, Annie Shapero’s three-year sommelier certification classwork at AIS (Associazione Italiana Sommelier) in Rome, Italy, and her experience teaching and communicating wine for ten years in New York City.

Participation in this wine class series is easy to do and completely free!!

How to Enroll?

First, SUBSCRIBE to the DiVino Wine School channel on YouTube.

Next, ENROLL in DiVino Wine School. When you sign-up with us you will have access to detailed class notes from every episode, as well as information on the the wine and the supplies necessary to participate, most of which are available in you home or local grocer. Simply register on our website, double check your email to confirm registration, and from there you can access detailed class notes for each episode right inside your profile. 

A full-Scale Production

21 Days to Wine was shot on location in a historic family restaurant and event space in Westport, Kansas City with director of photography and videographer Bobby Pitts, founder of Worth It Films.
Assistance on set from LaRon Cooper and and Esai. Hair and makeup by Maria Flowers.

Each episode introduces not only a wine, but a variety of items to help train the nose and the palate, including fresh and dried fruits and vegetables, packaged foods, minerals (rocks and sulfur-tipped matches), woods, leather, chalk, and many more everyday items like coffee, chocolate, and cherry-pie filling.

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