what is a long finish in wine tasting

What is a Long Finish in Wine Tasting – Day 13

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Learn about tannins in wine on Day 13. Where they come from, how they impact the structure of the wine, how they evolve and how to describe them.


Boekenhoutskloof 2018 Wolftrap – Red Wine

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Cayenne, coffee


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EP13_Long vs short finish in wine tasting // wine terms and finish (file name)

Wine: Shiraz 

Scent: Cayenne and Coffee

TITLE/SCREEN: DiVino Wine School Animated logo

(HOOK – not sure if we changed this)

Hello again! Today is lucky day 13, and we have reached the finish line. Not our finish line. We’ve still got a lot more to go.  We are talking about the long and short finish in wine tasting. 

But before we can finish, let’s get started! Walk off!


TITLE/SCREEN: DAY 13 – Long vs short finish in wine tasting

I’m Annie, and welcome back to DiVino Wine School.

Today is lucky episode 13 and we have reached the finish line.  Don’t panic!

Not our finish line. We still have eight more Days to go! If you haven’t enrolled yet do it today.

TITLE/SCREEN: Subscribe & Enroll!

The link is right down there.  It’s free and you’ll get a head’s up on what we’re smelling and tasting.

Today for example I brought the heat. Cayenne pepper, some dried red peppers and coffee grounds.

These are all scent notes you might find in a robust, barrel-aged Shiraz, or Syrah-based  like this one from South Africa.

TITLE/SCREEN: Barrel-aged Shiraz (Syrah) + Wine name.


When you hear a wine described as having a long finish, or having a bright fruity finish we are talking about the lasting impression, after you swallow.

Think of the finish as the follow-through as well as the aftertaste.

TITLE/SCREEN: The follow-through and the aftertaste.

Can you still feel the prickly acidity of a young, vibrant wine? That is a crisp finish.

Is there a lingering flavor of ripe fruit or spices on your palate?  That’s a fruity or spicy finish.

Is there a glossy, mild feeling at the back of your throat? That’s a smooth finish.

Do you feel some saltiness, or a rush of salivation? Is it mouthwatering at the end? That is a mineral finish, and we’ll get to that in the next episode, on Day 14.

TITLE/SCREEN: What if there is no finish?

Maybe there is barely any finish at all. The wine is super easy to sip on like a porch wine or a poolside rosé, and that’s fine too, if that’s what you are in the mood for.

TITLE/SCREEN: That’s fine too, if that’s what you are in the mood for.

It’s just important to notice.

In last week’s episode all about the body. If you haven’t seen it yet, definitely check it out.  Ee discussed what makes a full-bodied wine.

TITLE/SCREEN: Insert title (Day 12: Full and Light Body Wine.)

Often, but not always, these big, robust wines have an equally robust and complex finish, which speaks to the quality and balance of the wine.

A wine with a big beautiful bouquet and a body to match, should leave you with something to remember. 

TITLE/SCREEN: A wine with a big beautiful bouquet and a body to match, should leave you with something to remember. 

Sounds romantic right?

TITLE/SCREEN: Fine wines are romantic! *Possible heart graphic?

They are pleasure for the senses, they connect you nature and the people around you. They make you more alive.

These are the wines you sip slowly for hours and never run out of things to say.

If a wine is all nose and no body, well, that would be funny on a person, let alone a wine. Remember the Flonase ad? 

If a wine is all body and feels really heavy on your palate, but the flavors just disappear, it’s kind of like eating a dry dinner roll, when there’s no butter on the table. It fills you up but it’s not special.

TITLE/SCREEN: The finish is your lasting impression.

Take of a sip of wine now. If you’re enrolled, you might have a big, spicy Shiraz Blend like this one.  Either way, take a moment to notice:

First, what you smell

Second, what you taste

Third, how long the flavors linger after you swallow.


1. What do you smell?

2. What do you taste?

3. How long do the flavors linger after you swallow?

How do we measure the finish you might ask? Good question.  We time it!

(*Optional graphic with a clock, timer, aromas? )

A medium finish could last up to thirty seconds. A long finish, up to one minute.

Like everything else, the finish is measured on a spectrum. Long or medium.  

TITLE/SCREEN: The finish is a spectrum.  Medium to long. 

If there isn’t much to say, you can use words like short-lived, or light or if you want to get fancy, evanescent or fleeting.

TITLE/SCREEN: The finish doesn’t make the wine.

Remember, the finish doesn’t make the wine, and plenty of delightful wines are easy breezy beautiful.

But a wine that gets your sensory hopes up and leaves you hanging in the end isn’t balanced or harmonious.

And always remember that fine wine is defined by balance and harmony.

TITLE/SCREEN: Fine wine is defined by balance and harmony.

I chose this wine for a reason. It’s got a finish just won’t quit. All the dark spice you smell on the nose leaves a trail of tingly heat long after you swallow. It’s intense!

And definitely a medium-to-long finish.

Let me know in the comments what you drank today and how the finish was.

See you next time!

END TITLE/SCREEN: Wine is a language. Learn how to speak it.

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