Long Island Wine in Italy

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Long Island and Lieb Cellars in Lazio

We took a few bottles of local Long Island wine, Lieb Cellars Pinot Blanc to Rome for one special evening at Enoteca Il Territorio, a classic neighborhood wine shop and wine bar.


Island Wine in Italy

Italians are no strangers to sea-salty, mineral-rich island wines, but Long Island terroir is decidedly a different kind of island. Sommelier and owner of Enoteca Il Terrorio, Roberto Dominici offers his take on the unexpected balance and uniquely ‘Atlantic notes’ of Lieb’s signature Pinot Blanc.

Salmon Tartare and Lieb Pinot Blanc 2018

Long Island Wine and Food (Italian Style)

The Italian Sommelier curriculum is very food and wine focused.

Dominici also devised a special pairing of salmon tartare based on what he had studied about Lieb Pinot Blanc and Long Island wines in general. Watch his reaction to the wine and his explanation of how the dish compliments the wine.

Long Island Wine In Italy
Sommelier and Proprietor of Il Territorio, Roberto Dominici

Video Transcript

From Long Island to Lazio

Lieb Pinot Blanc Tasting at Il Territorio in Rome

Opening travel montage+ titles

Where to?

Largo Somalia please.

Ciao, sono arrivata!

New York has arrived.


At the bar just like old times.

Where’s Mr. Roberto

Hi friends.

Roberto is the man who taught me everything

This man would test me on everything

from the color to the consistency to the aroma

And he would even blind taste test me.


Tonight I’ve brought with me a Long Island wine form the North Fork

Lieb Cellars Pinot Blanc

Roberto has studied the wine very carefully and created a dish, a perfect pairing for this wine, and he hasn’t even tasted it yet.


Cheers to you!

Roberto has created this beautiful salmon tartare with avocado and toasted almonds.

Allora, Roberto, che ne dici di questo vino dal North Fork?

So Roberto, what do you think about this wine from the North Fork?

Very interesting. It really surprised me, not only for pleasant flavors but also the nose. It’s an instantly captivating wine.  It has these marine notes, I guess I’d call them “Atlantic,” which I’ve never smelled it before in a wine.

I’m getting an almost semi-aromatic quality that’s really intriguing.

On the palate it hits super crisp and the mineral note really stands out.

It’s really pleasant it does kind of surprise you because, frankly, I didn’t know that in that part of the world you could make wines of this calibre.

So, my compliments to the winery, and thank you for choosing this wine to make its debut her at Il Territorio.

I don’t think anyone realizes that they make wine on Long Island.

First of all, I did some studying.

Seeing as over there,  salmon tartare is pretty popular, I  gave it a bit of a personal touch.

It’s very fragrant, along the same lines as the wine.

This pairing works because, even though the wine is on the crisper side, I find it balanced enough that you could drink it even without eating.

 It has a bit of everything. It’s quite aromatic. It also has some acidity, with the lime and ginger in it.  All these qualities that evoke those of the wine.

And we’ve confirmed that that they taste great together. Truly.

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