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8 Magnificent Matzo Recipes for Passover

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Looking for delicious matzo recipes? Whether you are hosting a Seder or looking for simple weekday meals throughout Passover, the same old matzo meals can get tired after a while.

Bursting with seasonal produce, comforting flavors, and yes—crunchy, lightly charred matzot—these creative recipes will take your matzo from dry to divine. Go ahead, give your Passover the chef’s treatment, from the first course to dessert.  We’ve rounded up some of the best recipes out there and paired them all with wine.


Matzo Crostini

Pile tiny bites of matzo high with your favorite spreads and dips for the perfect canapés to snack on as you cook. To make, break your matzo in small, even pieces (around 2″ squares) and top with roasted garlic, fresh bruschetta, olive tapenade, or goat cheese and a drizzle of honey.

Pair with a dry, white wine like Vermentino (K) or Greco di Tufo (K) with a fresh mineral finish for the perfect apéritif.

Matzo Tartine

An elegant, larger cousin of the crostini, matzo tartine is as appetizing as a first course as it is a light lunch—and it only takes a few ingredients. Spread cream cheese across the matzo and top with fresh lox before garnishing with a smattering of capers and minced chives. It’s basically bagel brunch served flat. For a dairy-free version, use a spreadable smoked herring instead.

Try pairing with a citrusy sparkling wine like a Blanquette de Limoux to temper the smoked fish, or an earthy pét-nat sparkler to take the flavors of the capers and even the simple toasted matzo to another level. Kosher option: Jezreel Pet Nat Sparkling Rose 2020.

Main Courses

Matzo Brei

The ultimate matzo comfort food, this savory matzo scramble tastes just like childhood. While some recipes, like this one from Food52, transform this into a sweet entrée ideal for brunch with rivers of honey or maple syrup, we prefer the savory classic anytime of day, ideally with a bevy of fresh herbs.

Try pairing the savory version with a vintage Champagne. The mellowed out fizz will skim the unctuous eggy feeling from your palate for that herbs and butter (or margarine)-infused toast will truly sing. Find more Kosher sparklers here.

Download our Matzo Brei recipe card.

Matzo Spring Tart

This is the perfect springtime trifecta: tangy goat cheese, fresh bundles of asparagus, and crunchy matzo. Feel free to add on any other spring favorites you find, like fresh garlic or multicolored carrots, for a hyper-seasonal treat. For a dairy-free alternative, use roasted garlic as the base instead of goat cheese.

Play up all the fresh spring green flavors while tempering any lingering bitterness with a mildly herbaceous dry white wine with a glossier palate, like Pinot Bianco. Kosher option: Koenig Pinot Blanc.

Download our Matzo Spring Tart recipe card.

Passover Panzanella

A panzanella salad is typically made with large pieces of lightly fried, crunchy bread and wedges of juicy tomatoes. Swap out the ciabatta or sourdough with pieces of broken matzo, and mix together with a simple homemade vinaigrette for a light-yet-satisfying salad.

Wine Pairing: We recommend a light, fruity coastal wine from Greece, where salad wine the day accompanied by a sea splash in a glass, also known as Assyrtiko. Kosher option: Ramon Cardova Albariño.

Download our Passover Panzanella recipe card here.

Rustic Matzo Pizza

While you can certainly stick with a classic margherita matzo, we love pairing roasted mushrooms with creamy Taleggio cheese and peppery arugula for a rustic pizza. For a pizza without dairy, pile on the veggies and use a homemade pesto for the base.

For the Taleggio and arugula, try pairing a very classic Bordeaux Rouge (K). Cabernet-based blends will certainly amp up the pepper and cheese and bread balance young tannins.

Download our Rustic Matzo Pizza recipe card here.


Matzo Icebox Cake

This classic icebox cake is a creamy, cold dessert that comes together in a snap. The Kahlua-scented mocha whipped cream softens the matzo in the refrigerator, leaving you with a dreamy dessert everyone will want the recipe for. If you’re avoiding dairy, look for a dairy-free heavy whipping cream at the store (usually in the same aisle).

Pair this dessert with an espresso on its own or a caffé corretto (with a splash of Sambuca or other anise-based liquor) to give the entire experience a tiramisu twist.

Download our Mocha Matzo Icebox Cake recipe card.

Dark Chocolate Matzo

Dark chocolate matzot

Maybe one of the most popular matzo desserts, it has a cult following for a reason. If you don’t feel like waiting in line at Russ & Daughters, make your own dark chocolate matzo easily and with your favorite toppings. You’ll be snacking on these long after Passover. You can swap out the butter for margarine for a dairy-free alternative.

Dark chocolate and Port-style wines are always a wining combination. Think chocolate covered dried fruit in liquid form. Semi-sweet Lambrusco (K) is a pairing as well for a fizzy, strawberry pop.

Download our Dark Chocolate Matzo recipe card here.

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