eau d'italie brand story

Eau d’Italie Perfume Brand Story

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In 2011, long before we ever made an iMovie, DiVino was commissioned to tell the story of Eau d’Italie, an Italian fragrance collection in a short video.

Watch it HERE.

DiVino wrote, produced and directed this brand storytelling video for the creators of Italian fragrance house Eau d’Italie, Marina Sersale and Sebastián Alvarez Murena in 2011.

We shot on location in Positano, Italy, primarily at the luxury hotel, Le Sirenuse, which began as a humble family fishing cottage and grew to become a five-star hotel.

In the the video Marina Sersale tells the story of her family’s escape from Naples during the bombings in World War 2.

We learn about the stranded allied soldiers who needed a place to stay, and a family that needed to survive. We see old photographs of the family home and witness its transformation into a beautiful hotel. We also see vintage photographs of the Dolce Vita, and the elegant guests who stayed there.

When the hotel turned 50 years old, Marina and Sebastián had the idea to capture the scent of the the hotel, and of Positano in a bottle.

As they detail in the video, they began with the elemental scent memories of the place: the sun on your skin, the smell of sun-warmed terra cotta, mediterranean scrub, the salty sea breeze, and incense from the church on the hill.

As Sebastián says, you smell something, it brings back a memory, it brings back a sensation, and then you try to communicate that. 

They worked with Perfumer Bertrand Duchaufour, a creator for a number of successful perfume lines, including Artisan Parfumeur, and Penhaligons. He helped them build their story note by note.

The Eau d’Italie signature scent was hit!

Since then, they have expanded their product line to include: a luxurious Eau d’italie body milk, Eau d’Italie soap, Eau d’italie shampoo and conditioner, as well as candles, scent diffusors, and a whole collection of fragrances including: Acqua Decima, Bois d’Ombrie, Paestum Rose, Easy to Love, Fiore Fiore, Au Lac, Graine de Joie, Rosa Greta, Un Bateau pour Capri, Magnolia Romana, Morn to Dusk, Jardin du Poete, Sienne l’Hiver, and Baume du Doge.

They also launched an exclusive collection called Altaia, for which DiVino helped write evocative scent marketing materials.

This project was a thrilling and creative opportunity. We cannot wait to make the next one.

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