how will tariffs affect you

How Will Tariffs Affect You?

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This is NOT OVER.

The “Tariff Truce” the media has been covering, ONLY APPLIES TO CHAMPAGNE.

Stay informed. If you or someone you love works in hospitality, shipping, truck driving, warehousing, wine and spirits retail, or wine and food product marketing and sales… Contact your legislators. Demand your local media publish facts. Share with friends. Save American jobs! LINKS BELOW.

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One-Page Fact Sheet

90,000 direct Wine and Spirit Wholesaler Jobs in the US (WSWA)

2,480,091 people in the U.S. depend on the production, distribution, and sale of wine and spirits products for their livelihood. (WSWA)

There are more than 47,000 retail wine and spirits stores, and more than 6500+ importers and distributors, mostly small businesses. Together they have roughly 400,000 employees.

• The damage to U.S. businesses from the proposed tariffs will approach $10 Billion. They would
make wine prices unworkable for U.S. businesses, causing sales and revenue would drop drastically.

• The current 25% tariffs on will result in 12,000 American jobs be lost. Tariffs of 100% would result in
an estimated 78,000 American jobs lost.

• Because of the high capital expense and long time-frame needed to develop new vineyards, U.S.
domestic wine producers could not make up for these losses. It would take a minimum of 10 years to
develop the increased production.



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