21 Days ToWine

21 Days ToWine

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21 Days To Wine

Our free, 21-episode introduction to wine tasting is available on YouTube. It was created for curious wine lovers looking to deepen their understanding of the language of wine in an approachable and entertaining way.

“Wine should be exciting, thought-provoking and delicious, not intimidating! 


Our founder and certified sommelier, Annie B. Shapero, wrote, produced, and hosts the series.

Participants are encouraged to ask questions and share wine stories of the comment section. Annie regularly engages with viewers. It is our goal to create a dynamic, fun, and welcoming introductory wine class for wine lovers at any level.

We recommend you watch in order, however, check out this episode guide and pick and choose lessons as you like.

Detailed class notes for every episode are available to download right here in your profile when your log-in or enroll in DiVino Wine School.

Introduction To Wine Tasting

Introduction to Wine Tasting – Day 1

Day 1 is officially here! Check out the first installment of our series, Introduction To Wine Tasting, and get to know me, Annie, your personal ...
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Learn How To Smell Wine

Learn How to Smell Wine – Day 2

And we’re back! Learn How To Smell Wine. 21 Days to Wine gets off the ground with a masterclass on how to develop a sommelier’s ...
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Colors of White Wine – Day 3

DiVino Wine School is back in session! Remember, that subscription to the YouTube channel and DiVino Wine School enrollment are free! Enrollment comes full access ...
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how does wine get its color?

Colors of Red Wine – Day 4

How does wine get its color? That is what we’re here to talk about. We are back in action and today is all about colors ...
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How Sparkling Wine is Made – Day 5

How Does Wine Get Bubbles? WATCH on YouTube. Explore effervescence in wine tasting in this short introduction to sparkling wine. We’ll start with a lesson ...
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Legs in Wine Tasting – Day 6

And we’re back! Ever wonder what gives your wine its legs? DAY 6 is here and it’s all about viscosity. WATCH on Youtube. Remember, that ...
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aromatic grape varieties

Aromatic Grape Varieties – Day 7

What is Aromatic Wine? Aromatic is an adjective, but also a category of grape varieties. On Day 7 we talk about how to identify Aromatic ...
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intensity and complexity of aroma

Intensity and Complexity of Aroma – Day 8

WATCH on YouTube. Olfactory Evaluation of Wine Intensity and complexity are two ways of evaluating aroma in wine tasting. Learn how to talk about what ...
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sweet versus dry wine

Sweet Versus Dry Wine – Day 9

WATCH on YouTube. How can you tell a sweet wine vs. a dry wine? For instance, is Chardonnay a sweet wine? Well, that depends on ...
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learn about acidity in wine.

Learn About Acidity In Wine – Day 10

WATCH on YouTube. Learn about acidity in wine on Day 10. Where does acidity in wine come from? How do you evaluate it, and why ...
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what are tannins in wine

What Are Tannins in Wine – Day 11

WATCH on YouTube. Learn about tannins in wine on Day 11. Where they come from, how they impact the structure of the wine, how they ...
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full and light body wine

Full and Light Body Wine – Day 12

WATCH on YouTube. Today’s episode answers the question, what is full and light body wine? We’ll tackle the weight of the wine on your palate ...
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what is a long finish in wine tasting

What is a Long Finish in Wine Tasting – Day 13

WATCH on YouTube. Learn about tannins in wine on Day 13. Where they come from, how they impact the structure of the wine, how they ...
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mineral notes in wine

Mineral Notes in Wine – Day 14

WATCH on Youtube. Learn about mineral notes in wine on Day 14. Where they come from, how they impact the structure and finish of the ...
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How to Taste Wine Step by Step

How to Taste Wine Step by Step – Day 15

WATCH on Youtube. Learn how to taste wine step by step on Day 15. In this episode we put together everything we have learned so ...
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terroir definition for wine

Definition of Terroir in Wine – Day 16

The definition of terroir in wine is all about that illusive concept that the soil and climate where grapes were grown can influence aromas and ...
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old world new world wine

Old World New World Wine – Day 17

WATCH on Youtube. Old World New World Wine is the hot topic of Day 17. In this episode we explore the stylist differences between Old ...
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Learn about rose wine

Learn About Rosé Wine – Day 18

WATCH on Youtube. Learn about rosé wine! How it is made, what the color can tell you, and how to taste it and talk about ...
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Definition of Dessert Wine

Definition of Dessert Wine – Day 19

WATCH on Youtube. Wine of the Day Bonotto delle Tezza Raboso Passito 2010Find a Passito at Wine.Com You may have to ask your local store ...
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what is fortified wine

What is Fortified Wine? – Day 20

WATCH on YouTube. What is fortified wine? Sherry, Port, and Marsala are all examples of fortified wine. Learn about how they are made and how ...
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learn how to pair food and wine

Learn How to Pair Food and Wine – Day 21

Watch on YouTube. Learn to pair food and wine in the final episode of the series! We’ll break it down into simple steps and pair ...
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