worth the wait wine spectator video contest 2009

‘Worth the Wait’ Wine Spectator Video Contest 2009

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In 2009 before DiVino was DiVino, we entered the Wine Spectator Wine Video Contest and we almost got first place!

What we did win was a great sense of confidence, and a job offer directly from the Baron de Rothschild himself (who apparently loved our video) to write and produce another music vide for the family’s Chilean winery Los Vascos.


This old gem is stuck on a hard disk somewhere and thankfully preserved on a former and much neglected YouTube channel.

Apparently, here’s what baby DiVino had to say about it at the time…

Why write, when you can sing? Why sip when you can dance?

When I moved here last summer I knew that if I was going to start a business in this town, I would need to make an impression.

There’s also something you should know about me. I can’t resist a contest.

Especially when the sponsor is Wine Spectator and the prize is momentary wine world notoriety and the chance to sample some of the world’s best wines (and plaster the place with my business cards).

The rules: Make a 3-minute video about wine.

My childhood memories feature two constants: wine and music.  The NPR classical station, my dad on the couch listening, conducting with one hand and balancing a glass on his knee with the other.

There are all kinds ways to talk about wine, so why not song about it?  I sat in my kitchen, sipped a Côtes de  Provence Domaine Houchart Rosé (which is essentially a June breeze in a bottle),  and listened to my favorite summer hits until inspiration came.

Some good friends helped me make my vision a reality and we won second place!

Watch our more recent and decidedly more professional videos here! 

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