LEARN to pair wine and food

Learn to Pair Wine With Food (Video!)

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Four Rules for Pairing Wine with Food

In this video, sommelier, wine consultant, and DiVino founder, Annie takes you through her 4-step guide to food and wine pairing.


The most important aspect of food and wine pairing. Everything goes back to balance, finding a harmony of flavor, texture, and intensity is the key to wine and food pairing.

Compliment. Don’t Clash.

In this segment, Annie explains how to avoid putting together foods and wines that will create an unpleasant sensation on the palate. The secret to bring out the best on your plate and in your glass.


In this segment, Annie describes ways to use similar flavors in food and wine to emphasize or exalt unique aromatic qualities.

Consider Tradition and Local Flavor.

Last but not least, we discuss traditional food and wine pairings and the concept of “What grows together goes together.” Annie also encourages you break all these rules in favor of your favorite food and wine pairings, but to always be mindful of experimentation and to widen your horizons every day by trying to new things.


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