Best Wine for Your Zodiac Sign

Best Wine for Your Zodiac Sign: Italian Style

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Astrology Meets Oenology

I always say, wine is a language. There are so many ways to talk about, from color and consistency to aroma, flavor and finish.

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You know what else is a language? Astrology. You may not believe in the power of the stars, but you have to admit it’s a lot easier to describe an absent-minded dreamer with big round eyes who leads with her heart even when it’s terribly impractical….with one word. PISCES! (I picked on at random).

Star Light Star Bright What Wine Should I Drink Tonight?

When it comes to wine, astrology is another vocabulary for describing a wine. Frivolous and energetic, not around much, but always a good time? Sound familiar? Prosecco it is. Or Gemini! In this article we’ll stick to Italian wines. Cin cin!

So without further ado….we  Pisceans don’t have greatest attention span, so lets’ get started!

Aquarius: Lamezia DOC

Now you see her, now you don’t! Aquarius loves to travel and explore new places. High energy and endlessly curious, Aquarius is no ordinary wine.

Lamezia DOC

You have to travel to parts unknown to track down a bottle of Lamezia DOC, a white blend from Calabria made from local Greco and Mantonico grapes. Vibrant fruit and floral notes including white plum and melon, with a mouthwatering finish, just like Aquarius, this wine will be gone before you know it! Find one online.

Aries: Aglianico

Hot-headed, witty, and usually right, Aries will keep you on your toes (and maybe steal your man). That competitive spirit means that Aries will never give up, especially on their friends and partners. Aries might snap at you, but it’s all about tough love, and they have so much love to give.

Wine: Aglianico

A spicy red without a doubt, Aries and Aglianico go hand in hand. A deep and fascinating red wine from Campania, but also Basilicata, Puglia, and Molise, Aglianico exudes dark dried fruit, sweet spices, and zappy cayenne pepper. Find one online.

Taurus: Barolo

Bull-headed collectors of beautiful things. Taureans have good taste and know exactly what they want. Unbending, but it’s probably for the best. When life gets shaky, you’ll want this bull in your ring.

Wine: Barolo

The wine: Barolo. 100% Nebbiolo from Piedmont with dark cherry notes, profound forest floor (think leaves and fresh mushrooms after the rain and a piquant licorice note. Barolo is elegant, age-worthy, and most certainly a collector’s item. Take a cue from Taurus, and spend a little extra on this guy. Find one online.

Gemini: Malvasia

Shimmering and unpredictable, Gemini will certainly keep you guessing. They’re great fun to be around, but Geminis do get around….in the best way possible. Curious, flexible, and versatile, if you’re lucky enough to pin one down enjoy it while it lasts. Gemini has a lot to offer!

Wine: Malvasia

Malvasia, one of Lazio’s signature local grapes smells like tropical flowers, overripe peaches, apricot nectar and roses, but surprise, surprise…it finishes dry and clean with a succulent minerality. Just like Gemini, this will be gone before you know it. If you can’t find pure Malvasia, try it in a blend like Frascati Superiore or Roma Doc. Gemini does love company! Find one online.

Cancer: Vermentino

Cue the violins, sweet, sensitive, cancer has entered the room. This water sign needs time to open up, but when she does, she is all soulful, sensual, and brings a great eye for decorating! Cancer is the sign of the snail, which means home is where the heart is, and oh boy does she know how to pick a throw pillow.

Wine: Vermentino

Gently flowing, and a lover of green and blue shades of the sea, Cancer strikes me as coastal white wine like Vermentino from Tuscany, Liguria or the Island of Sardegna. Beloved by millions as an easy breezy, yet thoughtful pairing to seafood dishes galore, yet also capable of great depth. Vermentino is always a perfect match. Find one online.

Leo: Franciacorta

Charismatic and impossible to ignore, Leos make good leaders because you just can’t look away. And they make great hosts because Leo’s around it’s always a party. So pop a bottle of Franciacorta, a Millesimato if you can find one (Italy’s answer to vintage Champagne, and in my opinion, quite a bit more interesting… That might be my Leo rising.

Wine: Franciacorta MILLESIMATO

Franciacorta is made in the champenoise method, most traditionally with Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, and Pinot Bianco, and aged on the lees (on the yeast in the bottle) for 30 months resulting in complex notes of brioche, buttered toast, lemon zest, and creamy lemon meringue. Va-va-voom! Find one online.

Virgo: Brunello di Montalcino

Analytical and always put together, Virgos have your best interests at heart and always play by the rules (with a few exceptions. I’ll have to tell you about Riccardo another day, but he was probably a Scorpio rising).  

Wine: Brunello di Montalcino

Grounded, warm and welcoming, Virgo is a tall glass of Brunello di Montalcino. Rigorously regimented in one tiny part of Tuscany and strictly Sangiovese. If it’s not aged for a minimum of four years, it’s not Brunello. Earthy, rich and layered, and teaming with earthy aromas and dried cherries, it’s a pleasure to come to. Find one online.

Libra: Pinot Grigio

Beauty is harmony, and Libras bring the balance. They will tell it like it is and probably change your mind with their charisma and powers of persuasion.

Pinot Grigio Colli Orientali

So…. you thought you thought Pinot Grigio was boring? Try one from the northerly, and high altitude Colli Orientali in Friuli for sumptuous white flowers, ripe stone fruit, and a brilliant balanced mineral finish will leave you wanting more. Find one online.

Scorpio: Greco di Tufo

For a water sign, Scorpio doesn’t always go with the flow. A little sharp around the edges but sensitive on the inside, Scorpio can be a little salty… but it’s for your own good, because Scorpio doesn’t waste her time on anything if she’s not passionate about it.

Greco di Tufo

Greco di Tufo DOCG, is a sleek and mineral-packed white wine from Campania. It combines rich notes of white peach, Mediterranean herbs, volcanic minerality and a touch of salt. Find one online.

Sagittarius: Sagrantino di Montefalco

As fiery, analytical, worldly, and deeply intellectual, Sagittarius will make your head spin… in all the right ways!

Sagrantino di Montefalco

Sagrantino, an intensely tannic red variety from Umbria can be a little snappy at first, but give it time and a long conversation. Velvety tannins and deep dark spice and ripe berries. Find one online here or here.

Capricorn: Valpolicella

Deeply loyal and equally hard-headed, Capricorn will never quit, even when the going gets tough. They can be a lot to handle, but you’ll be glad you did.


This earth sign calls for a robust, earthy red like Valpolicella DOC from Veneto. A blend of local Corvina and Rondinella, this wine exudes autumn with cool wood berry notes, spice, and even a little hearth smoke. Find one online.

Pisces: Salento Rosato

The quintessential water sign, Pisces doesn’t always have her feet on the ground. Fantasy with a capital F and an optimistic if delusional nature. Like the fish she’s named for, Pisces attracts schools of her own. Two pisces together is (ironically) FIRE in the bedroom, but we can also be slippery. It’s not intentional. It’s just the way we are! As a friend Pisces is deeply insightful and against all odds will put on her favorite pair if rose-colored glasses and help you see the bright side.

Salento Rosato (rosé)

A rosé wine from the Negroamaro grape with luscious fruit and floral aromas from Italy’s heeltap. Surrounded by sea, Pisces’ favorite place, this wine is packed with a lingering sea-salty finish. Find one online.

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