Wevo and Divino Virtual Wine tasting

Wevo and DiVino: Virtual Wine Tasting Italian Style

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Buonissimo Vinissimo

On Wednesday July 8th, at 7pm ET (6pm CT, 5pm MT) We’re teaming up with wine-centric tech start-up WEVO to chat Italian wine, starting with two of our favorite bottles, a Chianti Classico and a Langhe Nebbiolo.

The event will take place on a pre-registered ZOOM video and the $45 price-tag INCLUDES both bottles of wine!

What’s Included

During this virtual tasting you’ll hear from Annie, DiVino founder, Italian-trained sommelier, and Chianti connoisseur, not only on how to taste and talk about Chianti Classico, but also why she chose it.

You’ll also meet Joe Burglin, co-founder of WEVO wine tastings and former custom winery owner. We’ll chat with you about Nebbiolo (DiVino will most likely chime in), and why he chose it.

These wines represent some of Italy’s most notorious red grape varieties, but they have far less in common than you might think. Join us for a drink, some great information and even food pairing ideas for the event.

Grab your spot here!

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