virtual wine tasting

Virtual Wine Tasting

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Bring the DiVino wine tasting experience with you wherever you are with virtual wine tasting!

Virtual Wine Tasting Services for Everyone

Whether you’re looking for private instruction, staff training, a sommelier to host your next event, or a wine presentation to help boost sales we can make it happen.

How Does it Work?

The process is the same as any other wine tasting service with DiVino, but when it comes to your personal sommelier, choose between a live video session for you, a guided wine tasting, or a pre-recorded wine tasting video based on your curated wine selection.

  • Get in touch. We’ll discuss your goals, your assets, and your budget.
  • Choose between a live video session with me, or a personalized, prerecorded video.
  • Set your deadline and delivery (method).

Virtual Wine Tasting Add-Ons

Optional add-ons include downloadable tasting notes for guests to fill-out, class materials, detailed information on your wines, and even recipes to pair food with your wine.

See an example of downloadable tasting note placemats.

Get in touch today to learn more!

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