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Food Columnist – The American in Italia

We have been contributing to The American in Italia since 2007, first with a romance column under pseudonym Annie Gold and later as an occasional food columnist under my own name. My articles take the form of a narrative-driven study of a particular dish with recipes and a peppering of cultural commentary.

Mortor and Pesto – A Pesto Genovese recipe for serious nut allergy sufferers.

My Casseroles – Olfactory time travel and timeless casserole recipes

Charmed Soup – A surprising discovery that the roadside osterias serve the best food in Tuscany, and how I learned to love Ribollita.

Engendering Ragù – So much more than the canned sauce we all grew up with. This article goes straight to the source of Bolognese (Bologna).

Feverish Pleasure – What starts as the Master Cleanse ends in Limoncello.

Island Ending – A visit to a Sardinian friend’s home offers perspectives on the many contrasting sides of the island, and the most sweet and savory dessert, seadas.

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