Melchiori Ceschi winery

Melchiori Ceschi Winery

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Encircled by mountains that stretch skyward and nestled in the eastern foothills of Dosso di Sant’Agata just outside the city of Trento, Tenuta Melchiori Ceschi represents a quintessential slice of the Trentino region.

Our love for the land and for the vineyards comes shining through in a prestigious line of wines that exude the essence of their natural surroundings. 

Piero Inama, Producer

Sustainable Farming and Micro-production

All of the wines come from a single hillside vineyard, “Vigneto Sprè,” where Guyot-trained vines enjoy constant sunlight and ventilation atop the southeast-facing slope of Dosso di Sant’Agata, 500 meters in elevation.

The mere 4 hectares  under vine are rigorously farmed in accordance with organic practices, not only as a means of preserving the biodiversity of terrain, but also because the winery believes that wine begins in the vineyard. Grapes are cultivated at very low yields, and cared for by hand, in order to produce a superior quality of wine with substantial body and aromas.

A Noble Patrimony of Winemaking

Atop the Dosso di Sant’Agatastands an exquisite 16th-century Villa, restored in 2010 by the Inama family. The property is one of the most remarkable examples of Mannerist architecture to be found in Trentino, and emanates an air of authenticity, heightened by the surrounding vineyards, a nod to the villa’s noble heritage and centuries-old tradition of winemaking. 

Two Generations. A Shared Passion for Wine

Wine consultant and one-time proprietor of the storied Antica Bottega del Vino, Severino Barzan brings a lifetime of experience to this innovative project alongside Melchiori Ceschi’s young wine producer, Piero Inama. Together they’re working to craft wines that reflect the elegance and style of their setting, as well as the distinctive varietal characteristics imbued with Trentino terroir. 

Indigenous and Noble Grape Varieties

The Inama family began with a selection of local and noble grape varieties Sauvignon Blanc, Gewurztraminer, and a prized Pinot Noir.


Growing Area: Trentino, Italy, Doss Sant’Agata (Trento 500 – 550 m.)

Soil Type: Calcareous clay soil, southeastern exposure
Variety: Gewürztraminer 100%
Vinification: Cold maceration followed by a temperature-controlled alcoholic fermentation. Aging in stainless steel tanks for 6 months prior to bottling. Bottle aging for three months.

Tasting Notes: Pale yellow gold hue. A fine wine of elegant structure with a spicy, floral-aromatic bouquet. Warm, soft, and balanced on the palate with a long finish.
Food Pairings: Seafood-based dishes including grilled shellfish, risotto, fresh, creamy cheeses. Gewürztraminer is an ideal pairing with Asian cuisine.

ABV: 14%  
Serving Temperature: 10-12° C

Melchiori Ceschi Sauvignon Blanc


Growing Area: Trentino, Italy, Doss Sant’Agata (Trento 500 – 550 m.) southeastern exposureSoil Type: Calcareous clay soil, southeastern exposure
Variety: Sauvignon Blanc 100%
Vinification: Maceration in a horizontal press for 8 hours followed by a clarifying decantation. Temperature-controlled fermentation at 18° C in stainless steel. Aging in stainless steel. Bottle aging for 3 months.

Tasting Notes: Green-tinted pale yellow. Characteristic notes of Sauvignon Blanc including: apple, pear and gooseberry, accompanied by herbaceous and vegetal aromas. On the palate the wine is silky, satisfying and balanced with luminous acidity.  A tropical note lingers long after each sip.
Food Pairings: Risotto, rich pastas, seafood and shellfish dishes. 

ABV: 13%
Serving Temperature: 10-12° C

Melchiori Ceschi Pinot Noir


Growing Area: Trentino, Italy, Doss Sant’Agata (Trento 500 – 550 m.) southeastern exposure
Soil Type: Calcareous clay soil, southeastern exposure
Variety: Pinot Noir 100%
Vinification: Select hand-harvest at the end of September. Fermentation in French oak vats (temperature of 28-35 °C, daily punch-down) for 20 – 25 days. 13 months in barrique.  

Tasting Notes: Bright and intense ruby red color. Smooth and elegant palate with notes of raspberry and red currant. Traces of  sweet spices.
Food Pairings: Pinot noir is an excellent accompaniment to white and red meats, game meats, lamb, beef tenderloin and hard cheeses. 

ABV: 14%  
Serving Temperature: 16-18°C

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