italian wine cookies ciambelline al vino

Italian Wine Cookies: Ciambelline al Vino

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A traditional central Italian staple, especially in Rome, Ciambelle al vino are an easy and delicious recipe. They’re also a great way to use up leftover wine that’s passed its prime.

What are Ciambelline al Vino

Ciambelline or Ciambellette is Italian for little rings. The word ciambella refers most often to the types of rings your eat, ie donuts or little ring-shaped cookies. These crispy cookies are a perfect way to wrap up a meal and finish off that last bottle of wine. Semi-sweet and satisfying, they’re the perfect dessert for when you want a bit of something, but would really rather just keep drinking wine.

Also known as ‘mbriachelle, which comes from a Roman derivative of ubriacare (to get drunk), because you dip them in wine before every bite.

The Origin of Ciambelline

Traditionally the cookies were made with wine must, crushed grape juice in the tank on its way to becoming wine. They most likely emerged in the Castelli Romani hill towns outside of Rome, which is also a prevalent winemaking region.

Like so many beloved recipes, they come from the tradition of cucina povera (poor man’s cuisine). Inexpensive recipes that are easy to make with ingredients everyone has at home.

They can be made simply or aromatized with spices like anise or fennel seed, lemon zest, or whatever your pleasure.

Ciambelline versus tarallucci

Taralli or tarallucci are a more general term for ring-shaped crackers or cookies. While you might find tarallucci al vino on the menu as well, ciambelle are specifically designed for the purpose of wine dipping.

Ciambelle al Vino ingredients

All you need to make these cookies is flour, oil, red or white wine, granulated sugar, and optional flavoring. *1 tsp instant yeast or baking soda is optional.

How to make Ciambelline al Vino

  • Combine flour, sugar and flavorings. Add wine and oil.
  • Adjust measurements until the dough is smooth and workable.
  • Form cherry-sized balls and roll out
  • Pinch the ends together
  • Coat in granulated sugar
  • Bake until golden brown

Download our recipe here.

How to enjoy Ciambelline al Vino

Dunk them red or white wine, dry or sweet, and enjoy! They’re lovely as tea biscuits too, we won’t tell anyone.

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