canary islands wine vacation

Canary Islands Wine Vacation (Wine Spectator Video Contest 2019)

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Behind the scenes of our entry to the Wine Spectator Video Contest

This has been a very busy year for DiVino, with the (relaunch) of the DiVino Blog as well as our dedicated YouTube channel.

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The song was first conceived after tasting a wine from Lanzarote, in the Canary Islands. Wine is truly transportive, and the particular volcanic terroir Canary Island wines is a perfect way to escape from the city, thanks to the magic of terroir. Also, there’s the rhyme: “Wanna go to Spain, You don’t need a plane,” which pretty much sealed the deal.

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Meet Our Team


For the music, we wanted something catchy, disco, dance-y but with an element of Spanish flavor. The man behind the music, Christos Klearhos was at first apprehensive about putting together disco and flamenco, but in a stroke of genius the first draft of the track instantly inspired the lyrics.

Direction on Set

Fashion photographer and creative director Paul Morejon fell hard for the project and signed on help organize a shoot in our Harlem neighborhood, both on site on the front stoop and city streets, as well as inside his studio.

Director of Photography and Editing

Very special thanks as well to uNo VISUAL for an expert eye both behind the lens and in the cutting room. The magic of cinema is at another level in Ukachi’s hands!

Read the Lyrics

I Wanna go

 somewhere far from here.

A un lugar lejos de aquí, quiero ir.

I know a way for us to get away.

Don’t need a passport or a suitcase for this holiday.

Where you wanna go?

Vámonos. Vámonos. Vámonos

Take a sip take a trip. 

Near or far, that’s terroir.

 I want to feel the heat of Spanish sunshine.

 El calor, el sol esta aquí in Spanish wine.

I know a way for us to taste the sea.

Just close your eyes and let it take you there, escúchame.

Wanna go to Spain

We don’t need a plane

Open the door

With every pour

Take me away

 take me away.


Appellation vacation

You can drink your destination 



Take me to Isla Bonita.

I know a way for us to taste the sea

Just close your eyes let it take you there escúchame

Near or far, that’s terroir

Lanzarote toda la noche

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