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Tiny Shoots: Join the Micro-Farming Movement

This article covers all the bases from indoor herb gardens and wall-planting to tips on maximizing space outdoors. We collected tips from expert homesteaders, architects, and gardening consultants. No matter how small your patch of green, you can always grow something. Read Article.

World of Flavours: 12 Ways with Onions

Onions repeat on me raw, but I loved them cooked! Whether they’re grilled, fried, marinated, pickled, or stewed into soup, onions are a chef’s staple. We rounded up 12 great onion recipes here.

Back to the Soil

For this introduction to the principles of regenerative agriculture, we detailed some of the techniques in place around the world and how these practices are having a positive effect not only on the soil itself, but also the environment and community wellbeing.

We also interviewed three passionate and influential proponents of regenerative agriculture around the world: Rich Olsen, winemaker at Bedell Cellars, on New York’s Long Island and co-founder of Long Island Sustainable Wine growing; Enrico Rivetto of Rivetto, a winery and farm in the heart of the Barolo appellation in Piedmont, and Filipe Villela, founder of reNature, a young and ambitious organization that is running several projects around the globe, including training facilities to bring sustainable and regenerative projects to local farmers.

Read the article: Back to the Soil: A Return to Regenerative Farming

Healthy Super Bowl Snack Ideas

As part of our ongoing contribution to Amex Essentials Magazine, we tackled some of the USA’s most beloved recipes and gave them a healthy spin. Thanks to licensed nutritionist and Master of Integrative Health, Maureen Rieras, we put together a round-up of recipes to try this year.

Read the article: Super Bowl LV Snack Attack: Classics Versus Healthy

Celebrity Podcasts

When you stop binging TV and start binging podcasts! We did come celebrity stalking and tracked down 10 podcasts hosted by some of our favorite celebrities, including Snoop Dogg, Michelle Obama, and Talking Sopranos, hosted by Chrissy Moltisanti and Bobby Bacalà, which has really helped to sooth my withdrawal after recently finishing the series.

Read the article: 10 Celebrity Podcasts to Tune into Now

Transportive Perfumes

This is an article I’ve been writing for ten years! After wine, DiVino stands firm that perfume has a terroir story of its own and is capable of taking you places and inspiring great emotion.

Read the article: Scents of Place: 11 Perfumes that Will Transport You

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